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“Chitaara” is an independent designer who has mastered the art of creative distinction.  


Chitara doesn’t distinguish between arts. It creates art that is distinguished.


Chitaara does everything under the Art Umbrella. To name a few, traditional & digital painting, graphics & print, art & crafts, events & exhibition and murals too.


Chitaara (Mitesh Suthar), operates from Anand, India and is committed to provide services around the world. Chitaara is passionate about design and is an ardent perfectionist. He loves to innovate in every single project, taking the best possible care in order to achieve outstanding results.



Why work with CHITAARA?


I work with people that are looking for results, people who see value in craftsmanship and quality, more importantly people who want the best and want to work with the best.

To make something great I devote myself exclusively to that project for the complete duration. That means when you hire Chitaara, I’m yours for the entire project and only yours.

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